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Parking at Townsville Airport

There are three parking lots at the Townsville Airport complex- these are called short term, saver (long term), and premium. In all carparks, you can either press the button and take a ticket to be admitted at the entry boom gate, or insert your credit card. Those with tickets must pay them at the pay-stations before leaving the carpark, and if you inserted your credit card to enter, you must insert the same card again to exit and the parking fee will be deducted from your card. Or you could use the shuttle service.
The short term carpark is generally used by family and friends who are farewelling or welcoming home travellers. It is directly in front of the terminal, and costs nothing for up to ten minutes. After that, rates start at $5 for an hour, progressing to $7 for 3 hours and $27 for a day.
The long term “Saver” carpark is also located opposite the terminal, behind the short term park. Prices here are measured in days, as it is aimed at those leaving a car behind whilst on holiday. For up to 6 days, the cost is $15 a day, and after 6 days it reduces to $10 per day.
The premium carpark is directly across from the terminal, next to the short term carpark. It is fully fenced and less than a minute’s walk from the terminal. The cost of parking here is a flat $18 a day.

Updated October 2013 by Chris Houston. Information is subject to change at any time.
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